[AH] analogue synths as financial investments

From Danjel van Tijn
Sent Sat, Jul 12th 2008, 05:45

I have a chunk of money saved up and unfortunately I live in a city
where the average home costs $1M and tiny, crappy 1 bedroom apartments
sell for $350k. Needless to say I won't be getting into a mortgage (or
my own place) any time soon.

There were many classic vintage synths I have dismissed due to their
prohibitive collector price; the recent System 700 selling for $50k is
an example of that. Now I am wondering if I should consider investing
some of my money into buying some vintage analog gear? A large
investment firm in the UK determined that vintage guitars are one of
the largest growth markets in the world and are in the process of
purchasing $100M worth of them.

The obvious appeal of all this is actually having some fantastic
instruments around to use (carefully) instead of a boring RRSP or
The risks:
-It breaks (and with irreplaceable parts or impossible to service)
-It gets stolen

The pros:
-Really fun to own
-Potentially huge growth overtime.

I feel like a big hypocrite since I hate the idea of instruments being
valued as collectors items and not by their value as an instrument
(and in the hands of musicians). At the same time, modern modular
analog systems are becoming extremely prevalent and affordable and the
world will always be into collecting whatever is deemed vintage

If you were going to invest in a synth or two, what would you pick??