From rrvx
Sent Sun, Dec 31st 1995, 15:47

can anyone help me I can't find the power pill release anywhere..
if someone stumbles across it
can you please help me out..

I would appreciate it:
the same goes for both of these 12 "

Quoth by the polygon window


Analogue Bubblebath IV By AFX

If any one can help me i would be happy :)

I have tried to write Rephlex Records but they havent answered my request yet..
I sent the letter in september :!!!!:
if anyone know if Rephlex has changed adress please let me know..
and if they have a E-MAIL adress please let me know that one too..


Anders Wighus
celstial TX trondheim Norway

Have a nice day !!!

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 form redacted@example.com