ROLAND System 100M saved, Manual and Schems needed....

From jupiter4
Sent Wed, Nov 29th 1995, 10:46

Hi Gang,

Dutiful soul that I am I managed to rescue a 15 year old (Small) Roland System 100M
from certain death in a crusher due to it being someones industrial waste.....
I got in the condition that I don't sell it. I nearly laughed a-loud when they said that,
I spend ages just looking at it in disbelief, shaking my head. I'd have it surgically
implanted if could ... dribble drool... etc..
Its only a very basic system....

3*110 VCO/VCF/VCA modules
1* forgets number... 2 EnvGens/ and an LFO
1*182(?) twin 8 channel Sequencer
and the 4 octave keyboard (181??)

Its in pretty mint condition. I'd say its been used a couple of times as a 
test oscillator since new....

It came with all leads to connect the keyboard and modules at the back, on the 
DIN sockets, NO MANUAL, and about 10 patch leads (looks like I'll have to make a few 

Sooooooo...... How many peple on AH have a SYSTEM 100M? Does anyone want to chat
about sending me a manual, service or user... I'll pay or do swapsies...

I keep nearly having a gripe about it because its got 3 110 modules and I think 
I would have prefered 2 and the noise/ringmod bits instead of the 3rd VCo/F/A module
... But then I slap myself in the
face, go and dribble over it for a couple of minutes and think how lucky i am.

I've been trying to think up different patches for it using the 3rd module like using 
it as a modulator instead of an osc.... But so far I've only had 2 patch leads,
the rest came today (about 10) so I'll play tonite.... Cqan't wait to try the sequencer,
as the 2 leads I got were mega short, so I could only patch from LFO to VCO/VCF 3.

This is so strange, because back in 1981 whaen I started working and bought my 
first synth (Roland Jupiter4, which I still have), I was very tempted for a system 100M.
After all back then you could knock up a minimal 100M system (like this one) for about
1000 to 1500 Pounds (bear in mind the average weekly wage for a technician then was
about 35 to 45 pounds... But I succumbed to the Jupiter4 and I've always wondered
what 100M was like in the flesh... I've never had access to a single one in 
14 years... :(

So all you 100M owners out there, drop me a line....

Cheers, Dave .......