Re: [AH]Arp Solus Cv Cables ---> Hard to find !!?? (help need)

From Kyle Jarger
Sent Tue, Feb 5th 2008, 06:01


Il Creatore Il Creatore wrote:

>I try to find right cables (or adaptors) for connecting the CV\Gate 
>of the Arp solus to a sequencer, but I'm still searching for understand 
>hell of kind of jack can fit the solus holes!
>It seems a size between 1\8 and 1\4 Jack and someone tell me it is an "1\8

I thought that the Solus uses the standard 1/8" (3.5 mm) jacks, but the 
plugs need to ahve a small barrel to fit the recessed-mounted jacks.  I 
recently ordered these cables from Analogue Haven and the have really small 
barrels that I think will fit the Solus jacks.  No guarantees but its worth 
a try.

cable21     $3.00       6     Doepfer: 1/8 Patch Cable (12i
                              n/30cm Mono - Black)
cable22     $3.00       4     Doepfer: 1/8 Patch Cable (20i
                              n/50cm Mono - Grey)


Kyle Jarger