Re: [AH] TB-303 With Modular Synth

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Thu, Jul 24th 2008, 00:47

Send it to a Clock Divider module. In the land of Doepfer, this would be
the "A160 Clock Divider".

The sync pulses coming from your 303 are quite compatible with all or  
modulars. It is the standard approx. 10ms +5(ish) DC pulse easily  
by most anything.

On 23-Jul-08, at 6:37 PM, DAVID SCOTT STONE wrote:

> Daren,
>  Thanks for the info...the question is how to deal with a clock  
> that outputs 24 pulses per 1/4 note.
> I dont have a 707 606 808...
> Thanks
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