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From Edwin Balzan
Sent Sun, Jan 17th 1999, 03:46

Hi there,
Here's our studio's kit list :

Emu E6400 (32Mb)
Akai S3000XL (32Mb with EB16 and Profilter)
iomega Zip  Drive
Yamaha SY77
Yamaha V50
Korg MS20
Jen SX1000
Roland TR909
Alesis S4
Cheetah MS6
Novation BassStation
Elka Synthex
Doepfer A100 Modular
Mackie Cr1604
Yamaha ProMix 01
Alesis Quadraverb
Zoom 1204
Behringer Composer
Sherman Filterbank
Tascam DA30 MkII
Yamaha NS10M
Pentium 266 running Cubase/CoolEdit/Wavelab/Recycle

We do all sort of dance but currently specialise in Techno and Trance. We're
releasing 2nd album + 12 inch single soon.
Check out our site (which includes a pic of the studio) on

Edwin Balzan (The Whistle).

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>How much for the 202?
>> Dust Collectors:
>> Arp Axxe
>> Roland 303, 202, 606
>> Rat R2DU
>> A/DA flanger
>> I really hate music, I just like all of the LEDs.