Re: Desert Isle Synths....

From Bad MoFo
Sent Fri, Sep 15th 1995, 21:48

Yeah, I know, the thread died a week ago...

Top Polysynths (order subject to change depending on which one I've got
my hands on at present)

1) Oberheim Matrix 12 - I like envelopes, & lots of them.  The M12/Xpander
is capable of a wider range of sounds than any other analogue polysynth.

2) Yamaha SY99 - call me a heretic, but as I said, I like envelopes, and
the 99 has LOTS of envelopes.  Besides, digital FM is a synthesist's form
of synthesis - any idiot can turn knobs on an analogue and get a decent
sound.  If only they'd done a few things differently, this would be at
the top of my list.

3) Waldorf Wave - seems like they fixed a lot of the things that bugged
me about the PPG Waves & the MicroWave, but I gotta admit, I haven't
heard one, except on the new Orb album.  Honorable mention to all the
synths that do similiar things - PPG Waves, MicroWave, Prophet VS (If I had
a VS it'd probably be on the list - I just haven't played w/ one long
enough), Technos Axcess (yes, the Wave has resynthesis!).

4) Yamaha CS80 - the most organic sounding synth I've ever heard.  Also
the heaviest I've ever carried; my knee will never be the same...

5) Roland Jupiter6 (Europacized, of course) - this is the most intuitive
synth that I own.  Besides, the light show provided by Europa beats the
pants off the MemoryMoog's!

6) Sequential Prophet 10 (the earlier double manual SSM-based one) - just
listen to
"Gentlemen Take Polaroids" or "Tin Drum" by Japan.

7) Moog MemoryMoog - fat, yes, but fatness has its drawbacks - just try
shoehorning it into the middle of a busy mix.

8) (Arp) Rhodes Chroma - Lovely sounds, versatile, a BITCH to program.

9) Korg PS-3300 - I doubt I'll ever get my hands on one, but, if my PS-3100
is anything to judge by, and the 3300 being like 3 3100s...

10) Honorable mentions - Voyetra 8 (love to have one), Jupiter 8 (if only
it had MIDI), OB 8-Voice (a bitch to program polyphonically), Juno-106
(king of the single VCO synths), Roland D-50, Kawai K5, I could go on &

808 - excuse the typos, I am too damn lazy to use a spellchecker.