Musikmesse - my very personal report

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00


I just returned from the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and am hungry, tyred
and feel too poor.

Here are the first impressions for those who care about current developements.

1) hmmmm. I'll put that into the next mail with a provoking header.
You'll know what I mean. I just say: tebeeeeeeee :-)

2) I did listen a bit closer to the analogue systems technosaurus this year.
I didn't turn the knobs myself, but listened to the owner who demonstrated it.
"whooooo, whouu, man that kicks, ...., haahahaa, incrediable"
that's what a teenager nearby was whispering. To me itdoesn't do anything
more than any standart filter, res sweeps. Not bad, like item 1) but
nothing special either. the patchpoint version doesn't promise
too much flexibility either.

3) Doepfer.
In the latest KEYs Mag there was a CD included with a new Florian Schneider
(Kraftwerk) poem on it. He said some lines about the new doepfer modular.
PRetty cute words and typical KRaftwert.
All of course did run thru their modular vocoder. 15 bands and seperate
analys synthese sections.
They even made a voiced/unvoiced detector which determines the state
of the input and puts out 2 different gates. With thouse you even may
change the vocoders behaviour thru electronic switches, envs,....
The sound was ok, but I hadn't the chance to try much. At least not worse
than a vintage Roland one or so.
The high precicion vco was there, but only to look at.
Everything else looks like they are trying hard and are definitely going
there promised way of axpanding there line a lot.

4) TC Electronic has a new digi (well) lowcost (well) effect out.
the M2000. its basicall the m5000s effect without its flexibility.
I once had the chance to run my OB8 pads thru this reverb and it did
beat anything. ITs not analogue but a wonderful effect for less than 2K$.

I guess thats been all on the analogue sector.


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