Re: Who owns the music?

From cspot
Sent Fri, Aug 5th 1994, 05:08

>Hmm... looking at my AI2 CD, I noticed some weird songwriting credits:
>1) The B12, Autechre, and Kenny Larkin songs are owned by "Warp/EMI"
>2) The Richard H Kirk track is owned by Island
>3) The Seefeel and Polygon Window tracks are owned by Chrysalis
>Where did these heavies come from all of the sudden?

Not owned by, published by. There's quite a difference there. And it's not
really all of a sudden. The publishing credit on 'Electro-Soma' is
Warp/EMI, Kirk's been with Island as far back as 'Groovy, Laidback and
Nasty,' AFX has been with Chrysalis at least since the "On" singles,*
Seefeel have always been with Chrysalis to my knowledge... And there's
nothing really new about Warp artists being published by heavy hitters -
LFO's was Warp/Virgin for 'Frequencies.'

* Having noted that RDJ's publisher is Chrysalis and that's also the
credited publisher on the GAK single I'm now beginning to think that he's
the responsible party.


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