Re: AW: Re: Doepfer vs. MAM vocoder

From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, Aug 12th 1998, 06:11

Paul Perry (11:33 AM 8/12/98) wrote:

>>Haible Juergen (04:24 PM 8/11/98) wrote:
>>>Which brings me back to the ergonomics argument. One thing I always adjust
>>>to get the best results, is the relative level of each band. Imagine the
>>>cable spaghetti you need for this on the doepfer. Let alone the cost for 
>>>attenuator modules and the patch cords.
>>I FULLY agree here Haible... 
>>The one thing that I LOVE about the MAM are the band attenuators; it's VERY
>>key to creating the right sound.
>, wouldn't a graphic eq do this?
>Or, better, 2 graphics on the inputs and one on the output?

Only if the freqs of the bands line up... :)

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