[AH] now plz help

From aerg ggre
Sent Fri, Jan 7th 2000, 02:28



i dont have this kinda money.  the above are awesome synths, but i want more 
than one box for my money.

get a real x0x drum box that booms 808

get numerous doepfer or blacet modules

get a little synth i always wanted(sh101, moog rogue, etc.)

or do em all. or (you fill in the blank)

side note........i found a dx100 at a local store for 100usd
no manual, just the unit.  opinions comments on this one only send to me(not 
the list) i gathered the 4op thing and have never done fm synthesis.  i want 
to make weird noises for sampling or similar uses.
seems like a nice little unit, alot of buttons tho.  they only hold for a 
day so advice on this one needs to be str8 forward and quick.
thanx alot

          making the world safe for me again...THE
GRAND WIZARD ATHELIA(or nick lampson, but that's kinda weak)
...maybe buffalo hunting. I GOTTA SILVER DOLLAR, nyah

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