[AH] Analogue Haven Rocks!

From James Husted
Sent Thu, Mar 27th 2008, 23:43

I just got off the phone with a guy from Analogue Haven (sorry man,  
forget your name - not Shawn though) and had to pass this along  
because having a business treat you so well has to get mentioned  
because it is so rare nowadays.
I have been building up my Doepfer and needed to get a another  
portable doepfer case to expand into (I have 2) - there were 2 used  
ones on the Analogue Haven site and since I had bought modules from  
them before I had no qualms. I could only afford one of the 2 cases  
they had and since they were like $150 cheaper than the new ones I  
bought a couple of Manual Switch modules also. So the package arrives  
and I pop her open and there is the case but one module is missing.  
I'm kinda bummed but then notice that the case is like in PERFECT  
condition - I open it up and it looks brand new - still with the  
English/German voltage warning label taped on the rails and no  
scratched dents or flaws I could see. Feeling a little guilty and  
also figuring wanting it back (in case they sent the wrong one) may  
spur them to send my missing module sooner, I email them and describe  
the situation and my concern that they may have made a costly  
mistake. I get the call today and the gent says the missing module is  
on it's way and that they had oversold the the cases and **GAVE ME A  
NEW ONE** to fill my order - SWEET! I gotta say that that was way  
above the expected "Send it back and we will credit your account."  
that they could have done. Needless to say they will be making the  
money back from my future business for sure.