Re: Modular headaches

From Cord Mueller
Sent Sun, Apr 23rd 1995, 23:34

>+ Pre-built
>- Not available yet(?)
>+ Good price
>- Mini-jacks (...You want HOW many 1/8"-1/4" adapters?...)

A patchbay solves this problem very easy!

>- Apparently not all sensible patch points have corresponding jacks.  (I 
>suppose this could be corrected with enough docs and some hand-tools.)

I know only the test of the MS-404 from Doepfer. A single VCO synth in a
single space rack. When the test is right, that every connection from one
modul to the other is done by jumper and can easy expand or modificate! 

>= re: not enough outs -- one word: bridges (potential problems anyone?)
>- Possibility that technical details are not specified --> possible 
>problems using other components
>- "They must have cut corners somewhere"
>+ Still more routable than anything else I'm aware of (short of another 
>modular) and has a lot more patch points and outputs than an empty rack.