[AH] Re: Looking for someone to build me an LFO box

From Christopher Winkels
Sent Tue, Jul 8th 2008, 13:48

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Florian and Floppy (sounds like a comedy duo...) both kindly pointed out the
Doepfer mini case - which looks ideal.

My search is over, and it took less than ten minutes.  Thanks, guys.

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 7:20 AM, Christopher Winkels <redacted@example.com>

> Firstly, I'll head off anyone at the pass who says "it's easy, you can
> build it yourself".  Trust me:  I can't.  If I couldn't assemble a
> (theoretically straightforward) Paia fuzzbox with complete parts and
> instructions a few years back, then there's precious little chance of me
> tackling a more complex project.  I have trouble remembering which pole a
> jumper cable attaches to on a car battery.
> Having gotten that admission of incompetence out of the way, here's a
> testing to the waters regarding what I'm looking for:  a self contained
> tabletop unit (preferably not much bigger than a Moogerfooger) containing
> two independent LFO circuits with CV outputs suitable to run into my Little
> Phatty.  As an absolute minimum for each channel I'd need a triangle or
> sine output, a rate knob and an attenuator/output amount knob feeding a 1/4"
> jack.  I would prefer a few other facilities as well, but we can discuss
> that off list if anyone is interested in taking on the project.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris