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From Solenoid
Sent Thu, Oct 16th 1997, 03:16

On Tue, 14 Oct 1997 wrote:

> Hi all!
> Something very interesting brewing at the Doepfer plant...

That is so cool!!  Too bad we only get two arms per person!  They don't
appear to have switchable polarity yet (or whatever would let you create
an inverse voltage ratio;  I've been playing theremin so that my amplitude
hand (left) pushes down away from the underside of the antennae so that
pushing movements create greater volume.  I think that this creates a
faster attack than pulling my arm up and in.  However i am coming from
being a drummer that makes forward arm movements for, uh, envelope
initiating... The threshold control on this module would literally let you
"air drum" at the antennae (watch out!) if the voltage relationship was
reversable in combo...