Re: [AH] Doepfer Jacks - Conclusion

From Blake Wilson
Sent Thu, Nov 20th 2003, 20:23

At 1:57 PM -0500 11/20/03, Les Mizzell wrote:
>>>It's also not so difficult to put bananas on them
>>>instead .....
>>If you have details on what to do and what parts to
>>use, please share!
>There's another list member somewhere that's converted an entire 
>Doepfer system to Bananas without too much trouble. For most 
>modules, it just takes a slight enlargement of the holes, plus you 
>have to watch your grounding issues.

photos of my banana-ized doepfer, Asys, and blacet stuff are in the 
photo section of the SMOG page at yahoo:

i think you have to a be a member to view them.

>The only problem you run into is modules what may have "switched" 
>jacks.  Think "Arp 2600".  I don't know how many Doepfer modules 
>actually do this, but I'm sure a few of them do. A connection is 
>"normalled" until you insert a jack, which breaks the normalled 
>connection and switches over to whatever is at the input.

for the most part, adding bananas is a piece of cake. the Asys gear 
has the jacks on a single pcb and the doepfer i've converted do too. 
the johnson banana jacks (from mouser) fit right in with no mod to 
the faceplace at all.  luckily my modules don't have any switching 
jacks except for the reverb, but you can patch around that issue. 
blacet you have to drill out for bananas.

grounding simply means you take a ground from each module and comform 
it to a "star" type ground and then ground that to where you are 
going/coming from. in my case, i created a simple system whereby the 
non serge modules' ground feeds into a banana which grounds to the 
serge PS.  no problems.


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