[AH] Latest VEMIA auction finishes this Saturday April 12

From Peter Forrest
Sent Wed, Apr 9th 2008, 18:58

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Interesting analogue items in the VEMIA auction at www.spheremusic.com =
ending on this coming Saturday, (April 12) include ARP 2500, Quadra, =
Solina String Synthesizer, Cavagnolo Exagone XM64, CRB Computer Band =
2000, Crumar Spirit s/n 15, Digisound, Doepfer, Elka Synthex, EML 200, =
EMS Logik, Dequencer, Hi Fli, Vocoder 2000, ETI 4600, Fender Rhodes Mk =
I, Freeman String Symphonizer, unopened Hohner Clavinet, Drumfire DF500, =
Kenton Mono/Poly kit, Korg MS02, 03, 50, SQ-10, Trident II, VC-10; two =
Mellotrons (one in Canada), MasterRoom reverbs, R A Moog CEMS (the =
biggest custom design he ever did?), Minimoogs, Minitmoog, Sonic Six, =
three touchplates; Matrix 12 with Xpander front panel, OB8, OBMx, OSCar, =
Syntars, PPG 1002, 350, 360, 390; Rhodes Chroma,  Prophet T8, Simmons =
SDSVs, Spectral Audio ProTones, Steiner Masters Touch,  SE MIDIMini and =
MIDIMoog, Stramp Synchanger II, dotcom stuff, early Curetronic, Adrian =
Utley's theremin, Estradin 230, GTC Telefonfilter, Rozzbox, Persephone =
Deluxe, Springer 1950s time-stretcher, Vox Jaguar (Canada), Yamaha SS30, =
and plenty more besides.
Some prices are high, some very high; some are surprisingly low.  You =
can always just look at any pictures that interest you.
Please ask me any questions or make any comment offlist.
Peter Forrest