[AH] A100

From Mike Perkowitz
Sent Fri, Dec 4th 1998, 19:33

i just put up a couple of realaudio files of two of the A100's weirder
modules: the A112 sampler, and the A117 digital noise/808 sounds modules.
they're at


the a117 is a weird thing. the digital noise source is very interesting,
and can also be driven by an oscillator for a sort of pitched noise. when
you sweep the knob, it sounds like an effect straight out of "pole
position". the oscillator arrays are interesting, and they really do make
808 sounds paired with the a121.

the a112 has been talked about a bit here. ive just started playing with
it. finally figured out how to work it with a little help from douglas
enport and a crappy altavista translation of the german-only manual. it's
weird, in a good way.

if you're considering buying a doepfer system, my advice is DON'T buy one
of the standard systems. and dont pay too much attention to what other
people say you should get. a big part of the fun is designing your own
system, planning out your modules, obsessively reworking your module list
while you save up the money, and so on.

i spent several months doing this while i saved up, and by the time i
ordered i knew exactly what i wanted, and i'm very happy with what i got.
true, you get a better idea of what you need after you've gotten a bunch
of stuff and played with it and realized the limitations. i'll probably
get more vcas and mixers in my next panel than i would have thought
(though the two of each are enough for now). and more multiples, a slew
limiter, and more envelopes. 

anyway one thing that helped me is i wrote a little perl script for taking
a list of modules and computing the total price and the total amount of
space they take up. geeky, eh? i'd like to turn it into a web page. i'll
post when i do. let me know if you're interested in the perl..


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