Re: [AH] Cubase/tb-303 Timing Adjustments

From Paul Perry
Sent Fri, Oct 31st 2003, 00:40

At 11:57 AM 30/10/03 -0500, john mahoney wrote:
>If you'd rather work with the analog clock rather than the MIDI clock,
>Doepfer also makes the A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider
>( module. Divides by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64.
Don't forget, John Blacet (Blacet Research) sells a pic chip that takes midi in,
and divides the clock by various ratios. I think he is going to make a 
module using it sometime, but it is easy to put together yourself (cheap).

paul perry (Frostwvae analog fx manufacturer) Melbourne Australia)

PS>> maybe someone could make a ckt that strips out every 2nd, etc 
midi time code byte??! Maybe John could add this if he boxes the chip ;D