Doepfer MAQ Prices in Germany?

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

> I'm considering getting one of the new MAQs, but am unsure whether to 
> just go with the US distributer or find someone in the land of Beer and 
> Sausages to give me a hand.  The US distributor said that the current 
> price is $877, plus shipping and duty taxes from Germany, which is 
> supposedly close to $1000.  How much does this box cost in DM?

It's 1298DM, which equals 920$ US (at 1: 1.41 currently).
Shipping is like 80$ (and that's NOT express air mail) :-((
But what you propably will get (i.e. not have to pay) it
germany tax. which is 15%, so that would come to exactly

Hmmm, what I offered for a friend like 1 year ago, is to get it and ship
it to him, so you get a gift and don't get in hassle with custom.
That way I had of course to pay the 15% here. But now I got my own
music business declared and running, so at least I don'thave to pay this sale
taxes as well. 

And the maq runs of 9V DC. So no problem of power conversion at all.

Hope that helps dear Romeo. If you need further help feel free to email me,


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