[AH] WTB Doepfer modules

From Matt
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 2009, 19:37

I've finally done it! I just bought a Doepfer G6 Suitcase from eBay,
so now all I need is some modules! I'm interested in the following
Doepfer modules if anyone has them to sell & I'm based in London UK.

A106-5 multimode VCF
A108 moog LPF
A110 VCO (although no one here has much good to say about this)
A111 VCO
A114 Ring Mod
A118 NG
A132-3 dual VCA
A138a & 138b mixers
A140 EG
A141 EG
A145 LFO
A143-3 LFO
A180 multiple
A190 MIDI-CV/SYNC Interface

I'm uncertain about which VCOs to get & it's probably clear from this
list that I haven't a clue of what I'm doing beyond some good advice
received from AH members. If any of this looks foolish, or I've made
any glaring ommissions please do let me know.
Thanks! Matt