From Legion
Sent Tue, Feb 15th 2000, 20:33

> There's a certain level of frustration with the purist
> attitude that leads to people bitching about the "groove-approved" boxes. Sure,
> real analog (or high-end VA) is nice, but if they can't make it more affordable,
> a lot of us are going to be stuck with our cheapo plastic stuff, and with older
> items that don't always work, for a long time.


> So if you think everyone should have a $3500 synth, feel free to buy me one.

I think this is the root of the argument for me. I personally *don't*
think everyone should have a $3500 synth. As a matter of fact I don't
think everyone who wants one should even have ONE synth. Where is it
written people *deserve* gear based on their own perceived "needs" or
because they "are a poor artisit who will put it to good use" and the
like. I don't recall anyone handing me a 2600. As far as I know I need
to work to afford my gear as well.

Companies makes synths to sell to make money. Some (Future Retro) are
more into the item than others but the bottom line is no one is selling
new or old analog, VA, or digital gear soley to make someone else happy.
They're doing it to make MONEY.
All the whiners about the groovebox line think they're shooting fish in
a barrel but the truth is the MC505 is one of the more interesting and
useful items Roland has made in years. So what if the Andromeda costs a
fortune, did you all buy a minimoog when they were new at over $2K? Does
Alesis OWE you one? Does anyone?

As far as "being stuck" with cheapo plastic, digital or VA  gear, we
should have it so good. The Electribe boxes are cool as hell and
*CHEAP*. DX7s can be found for $200 for chrissakes. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Quite whining about who makes what and buy what you can afford and USE
the goddamn stuff. I've done better tracks with a preset casio and one
stompbox delay than I did with mounds of modular gear. 

If you think we're in a bad time for manufacturing analog (or synth
items) or that they are too $$$ then take a look at those golden 70s and
take a look at price sheet for MOTM, Doepfer, Blacet, Waldorf, EH, and
yes Roland, Korg, and Yamaha. We are in one of the richest periods of
flexible and affordable gear (Micro modular anyone??). If you want to
whine and call it being a purist suit yourself. I prefer to listen to
people who make music using tools rather than collectibles anyway.

Just my $3500.02

PS: This isn't directed at Blandon, BTW. He just wrote a good message I
wanted to bounce off of.

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