Re: [AH] recent artists using analog modulars

From Tim Lee
Sent Sat, Feb 16th 2008, 18:06

Tim "Love" Lee (alright, it's me) - Against Nature (Tummy Touch Records)

This is about 80% Electrocomp EML100, 15% Macbeth M3X and 5% Roland TR77
(Billy Cobham's own no less). Mixed through a Peavey Valvex mixer, TLA Valve
EQ and RNC Compressor with Tascam spring reverb and Roland SRE555 Space
Echo. I used a very small amount of level and pan automation in Logic but
that's it.

There is a "remixed" version of it coming out later this year with remixes
from Jack Dangers, Sonic Boom, Luke Vibert, Depth Charge and others. for some samples, and you can find it on iTunes

thanks for the plug !

On 2/15/08 2:12 PM, "BrightBoy" <> wrote:

> Anything that Jack Dangers (aka Meat Beat Manifesto, Tino Corp, etc)
> will have modular synths featured on it (Roland System 100m,
> Synthi 100, Buchla, Emu Modular, ARP 2600, Serge, etc)
> Cheers,
> Jeff