Re: (idm) Diceman?

From ren8sance
Sent Fri, Aug 9th 1996, 06:08

>What exactly does RDJ have to do with those Diceman 12' I often see 
>credited to him, but not on fluid's discography? An explanation 
>would be appreciated. Sorry if this subject has come up before, but 
>it hasn't since I've been a listmember...

It's not on Fluid's Discog because it isn't Aphex.  PERIOD.  I saved this
email because I knew it would come up again....

> Can someone tell me anything about these Diceman EP's I keep finding?

     DICEMAN is one of the many pseudonyms used by Jolly James/Colin
James.  He is also LMNO, EMANON, BOB AND IAN, and SOLACE.  It's pretty
weak blip bloop repetetive housey boring stuff.  

     As far as I know, there's only one actual release by DICEMAN (called
"Le Noir"), and I think other tracks appear on some other split Vivatonal
Records release.  Anyway, this project is definitely not to be confused
with the RDJ alias (from AI.1) as quite a few people originally thought. 

     One of the tracks on the 12" e.p., "Gris" (I think - I can't
remember), uses the same exact spoken-word sample (all the way straight
through) as in the MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO song, "God O.D. (part 2)" - it's
the 'children of the beloved' one.  I have this theory that Greg Retch
(ex-MBM) has something to do with DICEMAN.  In fact, there is a Vivatonal
compilation that features a piece on it which was the opening noise intro
to MBM's first tour (it's called "Admission", and it's credited to MUSICAL

     Unless someone else has anything to add, that's all I know.  In
addition though, here is an article out of the _New Music Express_ "Info
Feako" section from March of 1995 (as typed up/transcribed by Maarten D. 
Schermer <>), which may shed a little bit more light on
the subject: 

"Aural Exciter

     I've seen a compilation CD called "Vivatonal" featuring tracks by The
Diceman.  I know that this is one of the pseudonyms by Richard D. James of
Aphex Twin fame, but I've never come across any of these titles before.
Can you shed any light on this? (...) 
                                     - Angus Bryant, Rugby

     Richard James, aka Aphex Twin Polygon Window, AFX and several
thousand other names, has only released one track as The Diceman, the
confusingly entitled "Polygon Window" on Warp Records' 1992 "Artificial
Intelligence" compilation (LP/CD, WARPLP/CD 6).  He was subsequently
forced to drop this name when a previously existing Diceman took umbrage,
and it's this Diceman who appears on the "Vivatonal" collection (Vivatonal
CD, VTTCD 01).  The original Diceman is, to add further confusion, an
unrelated Colin James. "Vivatonal", which feature mixes by Kris Needs, The
Sabres Of Paradise and Spooky, is actually entirely the work of Colin
James working under no less than five pseudonyms. (...)"