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Hi Matt, hi Florian,

if it=B4s not DAF, then it=B4s Liaisons Dangereuses with "Los Ninos del =
Parque". Two Korg MS-20 and two SQ-10s plus a Roland RE-501, all handled =
by Chrislo Haas. DAF later replaced the Korg MS/SQ rig with an ARP =
Odyssey and ARP Sequencer.

Esplendor Geometrico comes to mind, some of their early stuff was almost =
exclusively done on the MS-20 as well.

Early Laibach albums are rumoured to have used only a Polivoks (can=B4t =
vouch for that as I=B4ve never been a huge Laibach fan).

The first Lustmord album is almost exclusively EMS Synthi AKS. It was =
even recorded at EMS London, at least partly.

There=B4s some stuff on Coil=B4s "Time Machines" which was exclusively =
Synton Fenix, if I remember correctly.

Vangelis=B4 "Beaubourg" was recorded solely on two Yamaha CS80s.

Jean Michel Jarre=B4s "Les Granges Brul=E9es" and "Deserted Palace" were =
recorded basically on a VCS-3 (and some Farfisa Compact Duo).

Early Robert Rich albums (e. g. "Trances and Drones") are only Prophet 5 =
(in just intonation).

As for ARP 2600, I=B4m surprised nobody has mentioned Michael Garrison =
so far. On his first three albums the 2600 takes central role for bass =
lines, sequencer stuff, and effects.

The first two albums by Rolf Trostel are PPG Wavecomputer 360A and =
Roland CR-78 only (oops, d*g*t*l...).

Richard Vimal=B4s "Aquarhythmies" is basically Korg PS-3300, with a =
little bit of Roland SH-3a for soloing.

Zanov=B4s "Green Ray" album is mainly two ARP 2600s and a VCS-3. Later =
on he added an RMI HArmonic Synthesiser and a Korg PS-3300 to that =

Michael Stearns=B4 "Planetary Unfolding" which is basically only Serge =

My two cents,



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