Re: [AH] Human League, was: Chops/Modular music?

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I really don't think it was System 700.  From everything I've read it was 
System 101/102 and/or System 100m (which is now owned by Jack Dangers
of Meat Beat Manifesto)



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"One more MAJOR thing no one has mentioned:  Ummm, Human League's first  2 
albums, done *almost* entirely on a Roland System 700 - drums, bass, harmony, leads, blips, bloops, etc (with other roland gear too, plus others...).   And, virtually *no* chops involved.  Those cats couldn't play shit.   But they could write.  I think that was their whole point in forming the  band, one to be taken seriously..."
Aargh, how could I forget - I've actually been listening to all that lately!  See if your local non-mainstream video rental place doesn't have MADE IN SHEFFIELD.  Interviews with Marsh, Oakey and Ware, some of whom interviewed in front of ancient Roland/Korg kit.  Too bad Kirk and Mallinder from Cabaret Voltaire didn't participate - maybe Watson's the one who's aged least badly.  Biggest Sheffield success:  Def Leppard (insert gagging here).
BTW, whose System 700 was that?  Marsh and Ware had the 101/102, SH-3, etc., but neither were rolling in cash and that's a major synth.