Re: Poly MIDI-CV

From slipmat
Sent Wed, Sep 3rd 1997, 01:21

>I see Doepfer has a 24 output MIDI-CV.  Anyone have any experience with
>their MIDI-CV products?
I have the Doepfer MAUSI, MIDI->CV and MIDI->SYNC.  It has worked very
well.  Although the instructions can be hard to follow, the rep has more
than helpful.  The aux cv on the mausi can be assigned to respond to any
midi contoller that you want assigned.  It is designed so that can be input
manually or set by transitting the particular signal via midi to the mausi
(sort of learns it). 

I suggest you call the Doepfer rep who can answer your questions about the
MCV 24, since that is the one you are probably interested in.
402-398-0198.  I would imagine it works in a similiar matter.

Micheal Goins
Odyssey Productions
Jacksonville FL