Re: videos

From john.bus
Sent Thu, Sep 22nd 1994, 00:53


> there such as FutureShock, Motion (Warp AI Video), and FSOL's Lifeforms 

> Hmm...FutureShock?  Any relation to the book?

Nope. It's just a video put out by Prism Leisure Video (I think?)... i'm
at work and the videos at home. :)

Anyhow it contains such artists as FSoL, Orb, Banco De Gaia, Brian Eno, 
etc and has suitable accompanying visuals that are mainly AutoDesk 3D 
Studio renders but also video montaging and other well known and used
video effects. Overall its quite a nice video.

> Also, is Motion an AI1 or AI2 video?

Most of the soundtracks for the visuals (I think there is 5 separate
videos) come from the AI2 comp, but one of the videos soundtrack is 
Polygon Window from the first AI comp. and the last videos' soundtrack
is BassCadet by Autechre which doesn't appear on any of the AI comps,
but their album on Warp instead. 


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