Re: FS: Some hard to find goodies

From Mark Pulver
Sent Sun, Apr 12th 1998, 19:44

Kyrre Pedersen (01:28 PM 4/12/98) wrote:

>>>1. Korg MS-50 In very good condition.  All knobs are there, everything
>>>works etc.  This is great for cool CV modifiers.$1000
>> Please someone tell me that this price is ridiculous?  These don't
>> really go for a grand these days do they?  
>I think they can...  This is the largest in the MS series i belive.'

Nope, this price is outrageous. 

The MS-50 was originally sold as an add-on for the MS-10 and -20. It's a
VCO, VCF and VCA with a pair of ADSRs. There's a ring modulator in there as
well, and a tracking generator. The meter better be solid gold for someone
to pay this price.

For $1000 you can get a Doepfer system with a lot more power. :)

Check Headcleaner for pics:

Josh's MS-50 pic is the brochure.

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