PS3300 experience

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

I played around with a Korg PS3100 last week and it was great. So thought
my friend and immediately decided to return it to the dealer.
Why ?
Well, he took the PS3300 instead. :-)

Wow, this is what I call analogue !
Three PS3100 one beside the other. Each module has it's own Oscialltors,
filters and - YEAH - 3 (tree!) resonators.
You simply turn them (9 alltogether) in any position and it sounds most
musical. Add the LFO to the resonator settings and the pure sound makes
you belive you live in a world of Phasing.
With it's 48 Polyphony it is more desirable than a whole symphony's
string ensamble. (IMHO)
We didn't figure out yet, how to use the patchpoints correctly.
We are aware that you only can patch the contolling routing, but not
the signal path. But who wants to deal with 48 polyphonic multicore
wires ? :-)
Beside the missing (and obviously limited) patching capabilities, you
would complain about several other "bugs" like the unusable envelope
release. You can switch 3 positions only. Fast (no) release time,
medium (which turn out to be fast or verry short :-) or long,
which is extra super endless long. You feel like a note stuck.
Heavy need for a mod.

Finally think of a 48 poyphony, consisting each sounds of 3 layerd
components, with each one has it's own grownup analog synth, with
own env's, LFO's etc...
We can forgive Korg to do bad work on the release time.

PS: I didn'tmention that this is the Unit J.M. Jarre was working with.
His new record will lack rich phasing string sounds. But mine won't
as this studio is only 15 minutes away. GRIN !


PPSS: I perhaps will travel with this guy around the US in 5 weeks.
We'll have such a "free flying around the US" ticket. MAybe we can
arrange a meeting with some interesting AH members than. I am shure
this would be interesting. We'll be in Chicago,and S.F. anyway.
MAybe in Colorado too. And propably enter and leave the US in N.Y.
But every other location between S.F. and N.Y. could easily be reached
as well. Any invitations that we happily will consider when planning
our route ?
Of course he won't bring the PS3300 with him, not his CS80, ELKA synthex,
OBMX, his, ouch my fingers begin hurting again, when typing in his endless
list of gear. :-)
But I am shure there are a lot of other well equipped studios out there.
I wonder who of you have rare equippement that he didn't know yet. I
am shure Tom.M. with his Sennheisser vocoder will make him jealous.

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