Re: [AH] Full sze MS-20!

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Fri, Jan 24th 2014, 06:24

Thats the opposite of me. In the 80's I thought Korg was utter crap. 
Same in the 90's; I really didn't see anything in the M1.

This is totally biased by the fact that the only Korg stuff I got my 
hands on was the Poly-800, DW-8000, Poly-6 and other such crap :)
[Now I like them all but this is what I would have said in the 80's.]

Lately though, with all of the their analogue products and their groove 
boxes I have been won over.

The little modular kit is such an excellent Lego style educational product.

This MS-20 klt seems expensive but what did an MS-20 cost when it came 
out (in today's money).

So as it stands now, I have been won over by Korg's innovation and good 
product design.

PS: My favourite synth makers are still Doepfer and Studio Electronics. 
Looks like Korg (MS-20) and Moog (Sub 37) are going to be stepping up on 
to the podium.

PSPS: Now is awesome!!!!

On 24.01.14 4:22 AM, David Messenger wrote:
> Korg has _always_ been my favorite provider of synthesizers. I have
> everything I think is important that they have made since 1984.
> D.
>   Korg seems to think analog has a future and they're right.