RE: [AH] Best dealer for modules? also WTB: AS/Doepfer/Concussormodules

From Wheaton, Simon
Sent Sat, Apr 30th 2005, 17:26

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Backed off, sorry, need to learn to bite my tongue.
These manufacturers are creating great products, consisting of hundreds =
of components sourced from numerous suppiers, not to mention their own =
blood, sweat and tears that go into the =
designing/prototyping/testing/manufacturing/promoting/distributing/etc. =
processes. They are small operations, I think we're lucky to have the =
choice we do, and am prepared to accept long (sometimes undefined or =
shifting) waiting times to receive these products. If you don't want to =
wait, go buy the latest Roland fake-analog groove piece of shit that's =
in stock at your local guitar centre.


From: Mark Pulver []
Sent: Sun 1/05/2005 12:44 AM
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Wheaton, Simon (05:21 AM 4/30/2005) wrote:


Back off Simon... We're not going to start that crap again.

Mark - watching the flock on the early shift.=20
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