gear porn

From osc1
Sent Mon, Sep 22nd 1997, 23:57

well, i realize this is beyond a little self indulgent, but i know that
i've enjoyed looking at pictures of other folks' on AHs studios, so i
thought maybe someone might dig mine.  i've got the new website in
production, so bear with me, but the studio info is at:

it's not like i have boatloads of groovy old gear, but there's a couple of
pieces that might be of interest (including some doepfer stuff), and i've
tried to link all the gear references to appropriate sites.  if you back
outta there by hitting "rew" at the bottom the page, you can find out info
about my goofy porn soundtrack wannabe electronica, under the name squelch

going too far, as usual...
william "carty" fox

spasmic haiku:
it would take years for
me to understand what my
dog quickly forgets.

check it out:

sink all subs.