Re: [AH] vocoder comparison

From Florian Anwander
Sent Wed, May 10th 2006, 10:32


> whats your favorite vocoder and why? Can inlude modular, rack, keyboard, 
> or digital very interested in the doepfer one... \thanks all!
I own the A129 analysis and synthesis modules and I like to use them. At 
the moment I add a Ghilmetti matrix for easier patching (its annoying to 
waste 15 cables only to make the vocoder working for the most basic 
approach). I had the Voiced/Unvoiced Detector for testing, but I found I 
it not working well (my taste!). I prefer adding high frequencies of the 
original voice signal, but tha for I use a separate highpass filter; the 
cutoff of the builtin highpass filter of the A129 is to low to my opinion.

Not as flexible as the fully equiped A129, but worth to mention is the 
vocoder in the Nord Modular. If you check for a used micro modular you 
will get a damned good vocoder for less bucks than the Doepfer would 
cost. (And a great polyphonic moular synth tooo).