[AH] Re: Nitzer Ebb analogues (was [AH] Xpander Mods?)

From Brandon Daniel
Sent Fri, Jan 14th 2005, 18:27

Mati said:
> no - i have actually worked with Bon in the studio - he has a giant
> 100m he uses - no 2600. he triggered his Xpander with a Midi CV box. he
> also had a wasp, ms10, eventide h3000 and EML 101 when I worked with
> him.

But this was probably post NE, and certainly not in 85/86 timeframe when
the That Total Age recordings were made. Do you know if he had the 100m
back then? I mentioned the 2600 because A)it sounds like it and B)Many
first albums of mute acts used Daniel Miller's equipment, and the 2600
usually got pulled into synth percussion duties.

Regardless of the percussion synth, I'd bet money that the Xpander entered
into their sound around the time that Flood (the quintessential Xpander
master) took over production duties, which would be just after That Total

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