Trafos in Germany

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

> Hello German Subscribers,
> I will be in Germany next week.  I am trying to decide on a small rack of 
> gear to take with me.  
> How hard is it to get external transformers for the following gear:
> Alesis MMT8

WARNING! this one is a special AC-AC transformer. don't hopw to find
a replacement anywhere here.

> Yamaha RY30
> Lexicon Vortex, Reflex, etc...

Same to them. All using special AC ones.

> Kawai XD5
> Boss Pedals
> ?
> How about internal trafos for gear like Korg SQ10 or Roland CR78?
> I will be in Kassel and Koeln.  Does that affect availability at all?
> Also. how hard would it be to rent a Doepfer MAQ in Koeln?

I'd suggest you buy several of the small 220-110V transformers in the us.
They are intended for you us guys travelling to here. So its cheaper there.
Take care of the right amount of power. Rather get a big one.
Besides that  you can get a big one here for aprox. 80$, but you'll
need a mechanical connections. Our plugs look different.
So you are on the safe side with your transformer from the us.

REnting a maq ? Well koeln is a big music city, but doepfer isn'tsold
by shops only by mailorder. I guess it'll be hard.
You may rent mine, but I am 300 miles away.


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