Re: [AH] doepfer modular systems (less long)

From Kevin Lightner
Sent Tue, Dec 1st 1998, 10:22

>    A VCO is unlikely to ever have "character" in it's pure state, after all
>it just sends out a pure waveform, it is the way it is patched and used that
>determines what comes out of the system.

But a Moog 901 and a CEM 3340 don't sound the same even at the same, static
Probably because of minute frequency deviations. The CEM is a lot purer.
Anyone that's used a wow and flutter meter would know what I'm talking about.
Some vcos may even have a slight amount of overshoot or ringing, a period
of instability after settling on a specific pitch.

Different designs of vcos will have varied waveform purity depending on
what frequency they're producing also. Some vco's don't have very pure
waveshapes at high freqs, others are poor at lows.

Some vcos have distortion when their outputs are loaded down too.
This is important in a modular, but one doesn't notice it in a "static"

There are many variables that all play into what the entire patch is doing.
Otherwise we'd all be able to realize exact patches of classic analog
synths on Nord Modulars.

Kevin Flamebait