Re: [AH] Crazy sale on evilBay: The plot thins out!

From Mattias Möller
Sent Thu, Jan 5th 2006, 09:32

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006 00:29:41 EST wrote:
>Couldn't get what he want's for the 18 Roland System 100m auctions he 
>listed so...just cancel them all.
>It's Bullsh*t!!
>Was there anyone besides myself that was going bid on one or two cabinets?
>To easy to cancel an item. Ya list it and what ya get is what ya get!
>I'd like to see a suspension there!! I know of a few complaints going into 
>'bay right now about it...unfortunately, like usual, nothing will be done 
>about it.

That's just guessing. Why would he cancel them when he surely knows that 
maybe 80% of all bids are placed within the last minutes of the auctions? 
What if someone decided to buy the whole lot? What would you have done in 
his situation then?