Re: Doepfer modular

From sindar
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 05:11

>The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the 
>synthesizer world!

Ahhh but ot might get you where you are going and it does beat walking...
 unless of course you need the exersize d: )
I think whoever wrote up that estimate forgot to include the cost of a power
supply and a cabinet.  Im sure the Serge is "better quality"  than the
Doepfer...  but Serge is a bit pricey too.  They obviously are not taking the
sell more for less aproach.  I would love to have a Serge if they would only
cut there proces in half I could sell my car and buy one : )  (just kidding
Rex)  Seriously I have been considering the Doepfer stuff just because I
might be able to afford it.  I wonder if Serge has thought about putting out
a budget model for us po'folk?  It seems that if Dopfer can make them for
that cheep Serge could do the same...  of course they would be of lesser
quality but some Serge is better than no Serge : )  I think that people who
have the money would still want the "real" Serge stuff still...  come on
evryone else does it...  come on just this once... if you don't like it you
don't have to do it anymore : )
Ahhh one day...  Ill have my revenge... Im gonna make lots of money and buy
all the modular stuff inthe whole world...  yea then youll be sorry... youll
see! boooo hooooo hooo I|; ]