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anyone know about this company?

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>> The NEXT! VOX-11, the MAM VF-11, and the FAT PCP330 are all the same 
>> machine. MAM is the parent, NEXT! and FAT are making the 
>> machine under license.
>> The VC-10 is lesser in quality (intelligibility) than the VF-11.
>> "The real thing"? What do you consider the real thing? An EMS 5000?
>> I also hear that the Doepfer A100 module is good. And there's 
>> the old VP330 
>> from Roland...
>So how do the digital boxes stack up against these? Things like
>the Boss SE-70 and the Clavia micromodular. i like the sound of
>my se70, and i wonder what's missing from it that's in things
>like the EMS boxes....
>corley brigman
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