Re: My first analogue

From 9705146x
Sent Tue, Aug 4th 1998, 01:53

While we're all thinking of our first analogue synths.... i'll share my 
story too :)

About 94 i bought a Roland SH101 from a guy that advertised in the local 
paper. He had a full on 8-track recording studio, which was really 
something for some1 my age (16) at the time to see. I took the 101 beast 
home, and made loads of funny noises.... i new nothing about synthesis at 
the time, but when i got the arpegiator going, i had full approval of my 
parents because i "sounded like Pink Floyd"!

The few friends that i had that were into making music were playing 
around with soundcanvas's and MT32 modules, which was really boring for 
me... but when i changed the pulse width and filter cutoff, they just 
stood there with their mouths wide open! :)

The guy that i bought the 101 from, phoned me up a few days later. I was 
worried because i thought he wanted the 101 back. It turned out he 
invited me to a mixing session at a recording studio, only 100m away from 
my house! i had no idea there was a recording studio in my area. So i 
went down the mixmasters and witnessed a massive Soundcraft consol, with 
the big chunky Otari tape machine werring away.... it was all too much 
for a 16 year old :) I have since been good friends with this guy ever 
since. Its funny how you meet people.


PS.... sorry this msg got a little too carried away :)