Re: Barberpole Effect - Shepard Generator

From Edwin Balzan
Sent Wed, Jan 14th 1998, 19:21

It's interesting to learn more about these Barberpole Effect generators
since Doepfer DO supply a module (#A191) as part of their A100 modular
system which is in fact a MIDI-CV (totalling 16 CV outs) Shepard

Check it out at: (You can also check
out Music Machines for more technical info / reviews on the A100

Thanks to everyone for the essential info ........being tempted to
include it in my first A100 expansion. 

Another interesting module is the A125 VC Phase Shifter
( which I'm awaiting since its part of
the first batch of A100 modules that's shipping in to ma studio.

The Whistle.
Spider Music Productions