Re: [AH] clocking, syncing analog gear for recording in 2008

From Steve Hanlon
Sent Tue, Jun 3rd 2008, 21:17

I use an MPC2000XL as the master clock and MIDI event sequencer.
The MPC drives a Korg KMS-30 to convert the MIDI to DIN Sync - that drives the 303, 808, and 202.  The KMS has the best MIDI to DIN timing I have come across - and it drives the 808 unlike the JKJ CV-5 (a well discussed issue and known by Mr. JKJ).  

For MIDI to CV, I use a MAUSI unit from Doepfer - this drives the 202 when not using the internal sequencer - it has 2 CV channels and I assign the second to velocity for the 202's filter.

anyone want to trade a 101 for a 202?

I gave up on using a computer for sequencing - the last decent MIDI clock from a computer I had was from an Atari 1040ST.