RE: [AH] Gear List

From chad_gould
Sent Sat, Jan 16th 1999, 18:23

I've actually reduced the size of my gear to 8 synths (from about 12). And
almost that many FX. (: It does help a bit.

Da Synths: Waldorf Microwave XT (on order), Pulse+; Kawai K5000S; Roland
MKS-80, D-50; Alesis QS6; Yamaha A3000
Da Drums: Jomox Xbase 09
Da FX: Lexicon MPX-1; Art Pro VLA; Alesis Wedge (x2); Boss SE-70, DC-2; Big
Briar Moogerfooger; misc. geetar stuff
Da Geetar: Fender Squier III, Peavey amp. I'm so proud. (: 
Da MIDI: Alesis MMT-8, Doepfer Regelwerk
Da Recording: Darla, SAW32
Da Monitors: Event 20/20bas, crap Sony consumer deck (: 

> Keep it to one keyboard, one drum machien, =one pedal, bass and guitar.
> Limits, baby.  That's what gets stuff going...