Re: [AH] doepfer modular systems (long)

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Dec 1st 1998, 05:16

legion (11:12 PM 11/30/98) wrote:

>Dave Trenkel wrote:
>> >The A-114 Dual Ring Mod is a good bargain, and does its duty without too
>> >much carrier bleed-through.
>> Agreed. I sometimes wish it had an on-board oscillator so I didn't have to
>> tie up an oscillator as a carrier, but that'd be a more complex module.
>careful what you wish for! I believe the VC Freq Shifter has an onboard
>carrier. While it's one of my fav pieces I have to say it's noisy as
>hell and always has a high pitched whiiiine coming out due to the
>carrier. I've learned to deal with it but sometimes I iwsh there was an
>easier way... 

Ya' know... Speaking of incredible - and *TRUE* - Ring Modulators... :)

(yes, I know... $300... But, the purity of this box is incredible)


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