[AH] Syntovox SPX216 vocoder possibly for sale

From earache
Sent Sun, Jan 16th 2000, 06:53

Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my SPX216 vocoder.  For those
who don't know it,  it's a 14-band version made by the Dutch
company Synton.  It has a built VCO with chorus, noise 
generator, a HP filter for the voice input, a formant shift
button which shifts the spectrum up or down, distortion
circuit, stereo outputs, and back panel multi connectors 
for individual analyzer outputs, synthesizer inputs, VCO
CV, compression out and in.  It fits in one rack space.
The speech channel has both XLR mic  and 1/4" line

I have a professionally made 2unit rack panel available with
it which interfaces to the rear panel multi-connector, and 
brings out all inputs and outputs to the front panel for crosspatching, 
along with individual level controls for each band.  All patch 
points are 1/8" for easy interfacing to synths like Doepfer,
Arp 2600, etc.  

 I have over $2,000 into it with the patch panel, but I have no
 idea what it's worth nowadays. If anyone's interested, make
me an offer.