Re: [AH] analogue synths as financial investments

From Peter Forrest
Sent Sat, Jul 12th 2008, 11:34

Three points:-
One, the electric guitar market had a huge rise.. but also a huge crash a 
few years ago, supposedly partly because various Hard Rock Cafe branches 
were bidding against each other for the same items without knowing it.
Two, if I were an investment firm I would have failed spectacularly if 
ANYONE knew I was investing in a particular field.
Three, it's usually the quirky commercial failures that become investors' 
cash-cows.  Think Crumar Spirit, Synton Syrinx, TB-303.  So maybe buying up 
a few failed / flawed but unusual more recent synths might be one 
possibility.   Red Sound Dark Star, that sort of thing.
Note that those three are all quite small, too - a useful attribute.
Peter F

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From: "Danjel van Tijn" <>
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Subject: [AH] analogue synths as financial investments

>I have a chunk of money saved up and unfortunately I live in a city
> where the average home costs $1M and tiny, crappy 1 bedroom apartments
> sell for $350k. Needless to say I won't be getting into a mortgage (or
> my own place) any time soon.
> There were many classic vintage synths I have dismissed due to their
> prohibitive collector price; the recent System 700 selling for $50k is
> an example of that. Now I am wondering if I should consider investing
> some of my money into buying some vintage analog gear? A large
> investment firm in the UK determined that vintage guitars are one of
> the largest growth markets in the world and are in the process of
> purchasing $100M worth of them.
> The obvious appeal of all this is actually having some fantastic
> instruments around to use (carefully) instead of a boring RRSP or
> something.
> The risks:
> -It breaks (and with irreplaceable parts or impossible to service)
> -It gets stolen
> -Devalues
> The pros:
> -Really fun to own
> -Potentially huge growth overtime.
> I feel like a big hypocrite since I hate the idea of instruments being
> valued as collectors items and not by their value as an instrument
> (and in the hands of musicians). At the same time, modern modular
> analog systems are becoming extremely prevalent and affordable and the
> world will always be into collecting whatever is deemed vintage
> anyways.
> If you were going to invest in a synth or two, what would you pick??
> cheers,
> Danjel