[AH] Gear envy

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Sat, Nov 21st 1998, 10:35

The new edition of Sound On Sound dropped through my letterbox this
morning, and it contains a extensive feature and interview with Daniel
Miller (founder of Mute Records), together with some great pics and
descriptions of his outrageous private studio synth collection. Gear

Moog System 3C
Roland System 100M (2x5 racks)
Roland System 700 (complete)
EMS Synthi 100 (bought off the University of East Anglia)
EMS Synthi AKS
Arp 2600
Arp Sequencer x 2
Korg MS-20
Korg 700S (his first synth, and on which the first The Normal records were
EDP Wasp
Novation BassStation rack
Synton Syrinx
Oberheim Xpander
Roland MKS80/MPG80
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 (he's a big fan)
Doepfer MAQ 16/3
SE Obie-Rack
etc. etc. etc. (goes on in same fashion for some considerable time)

Nice new feature by Paul Nagle (prominent member of this very list, of
course) on music on the net. Mentioned in despatches: Synthfool, Vintage
synth explorer, Virtual synth museum, Sonicstate, Hinton-EMS, Synthzone -
and ME!! or
http://www.compuphonic.com/ben/korgms/ to be more friendly. Everything you
ever wanted to know about the Korg MS range, but were afraid to ask about.
Update soon.

SOS mention that Klause Schulze will be present to launch the Quasimidi
Polymorph at Turnkey in London on December 2nd. Klaus (he of the 9
rackmount Rave-O-Lution 309's) will answer questions, and the event is
free. Call for tickets!

Completely essential purchase (again) IMO.