[AH] Modular Workshops Days in Paris 11/18/05 and 11/19/05

From Earthling!
Sent Sat, Nov 12th 2005, 07:26

I'm sorry if you receive this thru multiple mailing list=85

(sorry, mostly in French)

Each year, Marc Sirguy (the guy behing MESI, the French importer of=20
most analogue stuff, and also behind Eowave.com) organize an analogue=20
day(s) and this year it's a Modular Workshop at MESI premises.

There will be "old" modulars around (ARP 2600, Roland system 100m=85)
There will be new modulars around (Doepfer, ASys, ASol, Cwejman,=20
Macbeth M5, Curetronic=85)
There will be soft modulars around (Arturia)
There will be some Moog too=85

Will be around too, Mr Ken Macbeth himself (cheers!) and some top head=20=

from Arturia (sorry, can't remember the name, oops), and me of course!=20=


It's a very good idea to register (it's a free workshop) before as the=20=

place is not expandable unfortunately, either on phone using +33 (0)1=20
45 15 41 95 or using redacted@example.com

14h - 20 h
6, rue Marceau - 94200 Ivry/Seine - France
M=E9tro : Pierre Curie - BUS n=B0132

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them :)

Denis =3DG)