Re: album sleeve on the new coldcut

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Tue, Sep 30th 1997, 19:01

>The new coldcut has little tiny photos of what appears to be a *good*
>variety >of analogues & modulars.

>Other than the three PS-3300 Modulars (Only 60 or so were made...)
>Matt Black's impressive collection of gear includes one of the only two
>ever built-VCS-4s.

Coldcut kitlist, 9/97:

Korg PS-3300 x 3, MS-10
Moog Rogue
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Roland MC-202, MKS-50/PG-300, JD800, JX3P, JX8P, TB303
Waldorf Microwave/Access programmer

Emu Morpheus/Cheetah MS6/Akai S3000/Yamaha PSS780(?!)/Notronic Notron

Roland TR-808/909/727/R8/Octapad II
Korg Stage Echo
Ibanez AD320 analogue echo (Hey, I used to have one of those! :-)

Plus a ton of d*g*t*l stuff.

Hope that helps :-)